How to Care for your Retractable Screen Door by Blind Ideas

Caring for your Retractable Screen Door by Blind Ideas is very easy!

  • To open or close your retractable screen door, gently hold the door handle as you draw open or close. Do not let go of the door while retracting to avoid it slamming while opening.
  • We recommend keeping your screen retracted in its protective housing when not in use. This will protect it from dirt, inclement weather and sun.
  • Periodically vacuum or gently brush out the top and bottom tracks to rid them of any dust/debris that has accumulated.
  • After cleaning, spray a small amount of lemon furniture polish (like Pledge) to lubricate the tracks and soften the pile to keep your door gliding smoothly.

NOTE: Do not use wax based or silicone based chemicals on your door (like WD-40). They will cause dust to ball up instead of dispersing and loosening it.