Retractable Screen Doors by Blind Ideas

Open your doors, sit back and enjoy a fresh breeze with your new Retractable Screen Door by Blind Ideas. Our doors are the finest on the market, and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Our retractable screen doors glide smoothly and efficiently in and out of their attractive housing allowing you to experience the best of both worlds…expansion of space and added ventilation. Our doors keep insects and dirt out, while allowing you to bring the outside in!

Retractable Screen Doors by Blind Ideas are designed to be used only when you need them, and when you don't they remain hidden and out of sight. Our retractable system can be installed on virtually any opening up to 8’ x 8’, giving you the unobstructed view that standard screens don't allow. When not in use, the screen simply retracts into a powder coated, anodized, and extruded aluminum housing that blends into the door frame and protects the screen. By affixing the system directly to the existing frame, it increases the stability of the screen and the framework surrounding it.

Available For:

  • Single French Doors
  • Double French Doors
  • In-Swing Doors,
  • Out-Swing Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Ornate Doors
  • Entry Doors

This system is unique in that it is perfect for large openings such as Double French Doors while not compromising the classic, clean look of your doors.

The double retractable door consists of two retractable screen doors installed on either side of the opening. When in use, the two doors are drawn together at the center. When not being used, both doors smoothly retract into their own protective aluminum housings that blend into the door frame. Double retractable doors include the Handle Lock System with an intermediate stop that allows you to slide the screen with only a gentle pull of one hand.

Our retractable screen doors are also very popular for single door applications. In addition, by having at least two doors installed in your home such as a single on your front door and one leading to your back yard, you will enable the best air flow and ventilation.

Features & Benefits

Front Doors

A retractable screen on your front door means there won’t be anything covering the beauty of your decorative door. When you want the breezes to flow through your home, simply slide your retractable screen from its protective housing.

Sliding Glass Doors

Top complaints/problems with regular sliding screen doors is the rollers break, or become bent and will not allow the screen to slide, or the screen has been torn from its seal thus rendering the screen inoperable...

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A standard patio screen is always being exposed to the elements so it becomes dirty and stained. In addition, a permanent screen substantially diminishes your view as it is always visible and gives a distorted view. Our retractable screen door allows you to see clearly and unobstructed through your glass doors. Since it is retracted when not in use it stays looking new for years ahead!

Double French Doors

A Retractable Screen Door by Blind Ideas is the best choice for double French doors as it allows the beauty of the doors to be seen when the screens are not in use...

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Our auto latch allows one side of the door to be stationary, while the other side is fully operational for easy entry into the home. They allow full protection from insects when the retractable screens are being used, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air flowing through your home.

Powder Coated Finish

A powder coated finish provides a beautiful rust-free finish. It is one of the most durable materials and offers a low maintenance, weather resistant surface. In addition to our five most common colors to choose from, we offer anodized silver as well as custom colors upon request.


One unique feature of our retractable screen door is the pull-away feature. If a person (or pet) accidentally pushes into the screen it will give just a bit. Simply retract then close the screen and it will re-seal itself.

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Also, our door is designed to self-retract if it is bumped - preventing tearing of the screen or bending of frame parts. These features protect your door that otherwise could result in costly repairs.

Safety Design

The screen expands upon impact preventing damage to screens or personal injury.

Low Maintenance

When not in use the screens are protected from dirt and inclement weather, keeping your screens looking like new for years to come. No more removing and storing of screens in winter!


Many Home Owner Associations (HOA’s) or management companies forbid installation of permanent screens on doors. Our retractable screen doors are easily approved as they are not obtrusive and do not alter the look of the property.

Custom Sizing

We custom measure and install on site, ensuring a perfect fit.

Top & Bottom Tracks

Insect piling keeps the bugs out for a secure seal.

Magnetic Seal

Provides a complete full length, rust proof, secure seal from top to bottom. No gaps.

Virtually Disappear

Retractable Screens virtually disappear when not in use! You only see them when you need them!

Call today to schedule and our professional installer will bring color samples to choose from and can custom measure and install the same day!

Best Built and Best Backed Warranty in the Business!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our Retractable Screens by Blind Ideas are the best retractable screen doors in the industry. When you’re looking to buy screen doors you want to do business with a company that has a good track record. We have been serving the community for over 30 years. Call our professional team today!


Our industry leading Retractable Screen
Doors by Blind Ideas are available for just
$395 for a Single, $625 for a Double
…this includes tax and custom installation!

We have six colors to choose from:
Ivory, White, Black, Bronze (brown), Silver and Sand.
Custom colors available.

Color Palette

About Retractable Screen Doors

Woman Outside of Screen DoorOur Retractable Screen Doors offer several advantages:

  • Work well with your Front Door: If you want to improve airflow in your home without the hassle of a permanent swing out screen door, then retractable screens are ideal. They allow you to open your front door and let the air in while being protected from insects. When finished, the sliding design means there is no screen obscuring your front door
  • Better than Old-Fashioned Screen Doors: New retractable screens offer many advantages over the old-fashioned screen doors. The standard screen door style tends to break easily. A sliding screen stays in like-new condition for many years and is hidden when not in use, cutting down on exposure to the elements.
  • Go great with French Doors: Much like with your front door, our retractable screen doors work well with French Doors. They allow for airflow and protection from insects but don’t block your ornate doors when not in use.
  • Allowed in Condos and HOAs: If you live in a condo or HOA, in many cases, you can’t add permanent screens due to homeowner association bylaws. However, retractable screens are readily approved as they do not block or hinder the overall look of the property.


Additional Features & Benefits

  • It’s always a great time to install a retractable screen door!
  • Expand your living space.
  • Protect your home from insects.
  • Benefit from enhanced natural ventilation while fresh air cleanses your home.
  • Enjoy fresh breezes and outside views without inviting insects.
  • Our family-owned and family-operated company has over 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • We do not use outside contractors.
  • Our professional on-staff installers are licensed, bonded, insured and background checked.

Man Working on Screen Door
Man and Women standing in Screen Doorway

Dog and Woman Standing in Screen Doorway
Blonde Woman in Screen Doorway

  • When not in use, the door smoothly retracts into its own protective aluminum housing that blends into your door frame.
  • The double retractable screen doors include our Handle Lock system with an intermediate stop allowing you to slide with the gentle pull of one hand.
  • Frames are available in several colors to complement any door or window trim.
  • Complete closing provides an unobstructed view.
  • Excellent choice for homes with children or pets.
  • Convenient and easy to operate.
  • Practical and durable.
  • Screen is hidden out of sight when not in use.
  • Screen housing and guides are made of powder-coated or anodized and extruded aluminum and will not rust.
  • Spring is made of stainless steel and will not rust.
  • Magnetic strip is synthetic and will not rust.
  • Professional installation is guaranteed.
  • Same-day installation available.
  • *Lifetime Warranty       *Screen mesh has a limited warranty
  • A+ Rating with the BBB.

Screen Door

“We love our new screens! They’re so easy to use and simply retract out of sight. Now we can enjoy our view and a fresh breeze without any bugs.”
– Judy C.

“I’m happy that I can enjoy fresh air flowing through my home and not worry about mosquitos and other insects coming inside.” – ALD.

“It’s so nice to have the option of a screen door whenever I want and then a screen door whenever I want and then it disappears when I don’t want it!” - Debbie

“I really liked having a choice of colors that blend seamlessly with my home. I can put one color on the front of my home and another that matches my French doors in back.” - Hannah

“The friendly installer was very professional and he was very helpful in helping me choose the right color. We had our new door installed in less than an hour.” - Jason

“So great to have someone come to my home and show me the product, let me try it and then he was able to install it right then! I wish I had done it sooner. I’m enjoying the breezes flowing through my home without any mosquitos or other bugs coming in. Circulating air through my home makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy for my family!” - Jessica

“I was looking for a solution to add screens to a triple slider and was not having any luck. I spoke with Lori who was very knowledgeable about the retractable screens. Kevin came to our home and demonstrated the product, engaged us with decision making and within a couple of hours we were enjoying the results! He was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant to us and our family dog. He cleaned the area and it was as though he was never here! We LOVE the retractable screens, allowing fresh air and sunshine into our house yet keeping the insects out. Highly recommend the product and the people involved.” – Myra B. G.