About Us

Moving day with 3 children and 5 dogs is exciting and challenging all at once. Todd and Debra Kramer were happy to have found a home in a great neighborhood that provided ample room for all. They were especially thrilled to have a pool. That excitement was strongly endorsed by their 110 pound German Shepherd.

“It was our first day in our new house. We had opened the back door to admire the pool. Gunther took one look at the pool and raced right through the retractable screen door, taking the frame and all with him!” They removed the screen door and frame from around Gunther’s neck and off he went to enjoy a swim.

Fast forward four years and Blind Ideas added the retail division Retractable Screen Doors by Blind Ideas to specifically meet the needs of homeowners who want to invite fresh air into their homes without inviting insects.

We purposely chose this product because of its pet and child friendly features. The screens retract into their protective hiding place when not in use and have a break-away self-healing feature especially helpful to pet owners.

“We have an excellent product and offer the best pricing and customer service”. We are proud of the long standing positive relationships we maintain with our clients.

Become a part of our story and have us install a retractable screen door in your home or business today!


Employees are valued, several have been with the company for many years. Family members of employees are often hired -- making the business truly “family-run”!


Owners Todd & Debra Kramer are passionate about animals. Their 5 dogs and cat have happy-ending rescue stories because of the Kramer family.

Our company is passionate about animals. To that end, we give a portion of each sale to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in our community

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